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We offer two service options to fit your needs:

  1. Full Service Package
  2. Registration Service Package

Also, we will assist you in determining which selection best suits you, your event and your budget.

Full Service Package

When you choose our Full Service Package, you ensure that your conference is planned, prepared, and conducted by a team of professionals, so that you can focus on content. We specialize in the important details that can weigh heavily upon even the most experienced conference organizer. Our Full Service Package includes the preparation, implementation and post-conference wrap-up, which allows you to enjoy a successful event.


Our team of professionals:

  • Establishes conference control accounts for deposit of conference fees and payment of all conference expenses
  • Arranges for speakers (honorarium, housing, travel)
  • Negotiates meeting space, catering, lodging and parking arrangements
  • Develops a conference budget
  • Markets and promotes your event
  • Applies for and processes the approval of Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

* It is the responsibility of the conference committee/ chairperson to file for Continuing Medical Education (CME) units. Instructions are provided upon request.


Once your conference has been planned, we:

  • Provide four ways to register: online, phone, fax, and mail
  • Set up, accept, and process credit card payments
  • Generate and mail confirmation letters and maps via mail and/or email
  • Produce a variety of registration statistical reports available upon request
  • Prepare conference materials
  • Offer on-site registration staff, and
  • On-site conference management
  • Deposit conference income
  • Pay conference expenses


When the event concludes, your full service team

  • Prepares the conference income/expense statement of account
  • Maintains conference financial records for two years
  • Processes and maintains CEU records
  • Tabulates and types conference evaluations


  • Other duties, responsibilities and services will be determined by the Center for Conferences and the client
  • The administrative fee does not include direct costs such as registration, material, printing, mailing, etc.
  • The administrative fee also does not include the 5% fee charged on total credit card revenue

The Full Service Administrative Fee is $1,000-$1,500 plus a per person fee based on the size of the conference and scope of services provided.

The UI Center for Conferences is pleased to work closely with the University Libraries in providing long-term material archive capabilities. Available for all University of Iowa sponsored conferences, the University Library’s Iowa Research Online provides expertise in making conference materials openly accessible on the web and ensuring long-term preservation of those materials. Committed to archiving the scholarly activities of the University, they accept conference proceedings, research papers, presentation slides, and multimedia. An example of their work can be viewed here. For more information, please email Iowa Research Online or contact your conference coordinator.

Registration Service Package

If you are looking for basic assistance with your event, the Registration Service Package might be the better choice for you.

At a rate of $25 per person, our professional team will:

  • Receive registration applications and program fees
  • Deposit funds received into appropriate accounts
  • Set up and accept online registrations
  • Set up, accept, and process credit card payments
  • Confirm registrations via email
  • Prepare name badges and a participant roster, which can be picked up by the department prior to conference registration
  • Prepare an invoice for unpaid fees
  • Prepare the Final Statement of Account—Income/Expense Report
  • Directly transfer conference revenue into a department account (MFK provided by department for CV)

* An additional fee of 5% will be charged on all credit card revenue.
* There is a $500 minimum service charge required.

Do you have questions about which service is right for your event? Please contact us!



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