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Tuition and Fees

The University of Iowa tuition and fees are approved by the Board of Regents and published by the Office of the Registrar. Tuition and fees are based on a student’s program of study and the number of hours of enrollment.


Once you are officially registered, you can view your Tuition & Fee assessment in ISIS > Student Records > Finances and Billing > Tuition & fees.


tuition table


To determine your tuition and fee responsibility before you register, consult the Registrar’s Tuition and Fee tables. First locate the table that corresponds with your college and classification. Next select whether you are a Resident of Iowa or a Nonresident. Then select the number of hours for which you plan to enroll.

**Exceptions: This method of assessing tuition and fees does not apply to: Public Health off-campus; MBA for Professionals & Managers; workshop enrollments (section WK* identifiers); Lakeside Lab enrollments; or CIMBA.


There are some course enrollment costs that are not considered tuition.

View tuition responsibility when you drop or withdraw from a course.


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