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  Child Labor Education Project


 Updated July 2011


This extensive website covers a wide range of topics regarding the global economy: trade agreements, effects of the global economy on particular groups including children, labor laws, AFL-CIO resolutions. Provides links to many websites.
AFT - Child Labor Project
American Federation of Teachers. Child labor curriculum designed for school children. Also Internet resources, posters, and video.
Child Labor Coalition
National network for the exchange of child labor information. Seeks to influence policies and enforcement of policies. Website includes news, case studies, and some statistics.
Child Labor Research Initiative,
University of Iowa Center for Human Rights
Free the Children
International youth organization—helps build schools and provides information about child labor. Website contains a 5-page Q & A regarding child labor.
Global Campaign for Education International
Coalition working to demand universal education. Website includes news, reports, educational resources, and links to campaigns such as the "1Goal: Education for All" project involving the global soccer community.
Global March Against Child Labor
Read recent news about child labor around the world. Link to detailed reports, photos, case studies, and information about current campaigns.
Global Policy Network
Website offers information, statistics, and analysis regarding socioeconomic developments that influence living standards and working conditions around the world.
Global Trade Watch
Promotes government and corporate accountability in the globalization and trade area. Website offers news, action alerts, and reports on trade proposals and agreements.
Human Rights Watch
NGOs in US. Children’s Rights Division focuses on examples of global child labor. Website includes publications, news, and directory of international legal standards.
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Program areas include the links among agriculture, trade, environment, food, and health. Website provides news/analysis of international trade proposals and agreements.
International Trade Union Confederation
Website for this global coalition of trade unions includes research and news about child labor, as well as initiatives to combat the problem.
International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour
U.N./International Labor Organization
Website contains reports, statistics, and information about international conventions and programs to combat child labor. It also contains suggestions for action, as well as news and events information.
Institute for Global Labour & Human Rights
Non-profit organization that focuses on global workers' rights. Website includes news and reports about sweatshop conditions relating to U.S. corporations.
Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking (OCFT)
U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Website contains Trade and Development Act reports documenting the "worst forms of child labor" in each country, and Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act reports listing goods produced with child labor and forced labor.
Addresses global poverty thru development programs, humanitarian responses, and policy advocacy. Addresses trade issues through Make Trade Fair campaign.
TransFair USA
Read about Fair Trade products available in the U.S., how to purchase Fair Trade coffee, and campaigns to expand the availability of other fair trade products. Provides information to locate retailers.
Understanding Children’s Work
Cooperation project on child labor information between UNICEF, the ILO, and the World Bank Group. Websites contains bibliographies, statistics, and reports on child labor.