Introduction to the AT Course



Course Goal: This course will introduce professionals in the fields of education, counseling or any other helping profession to Assistive Technology (AT). Participants will acquire a perspective of how AT can be useful in their work environments when providing services to persons with disabilities. In addition, participants will receive tutorials in the use of various AT applications frequently used in the field of education.


Course Objectives: The course will be structured in three main components that will provide the participants a more comprehensive view of AT. These components are: the on-line AT modules, AT application demonstrations and personal research assignments.

  • Participants will develop an understanding of the definition, purpose, and function of AT.
  • Participants will develop an understanding of the history and legislative influences on AT.
  • Participants will be introduced to AT devices and programs along the AT continuum from “low tech” to “high tech”.
  • Participants will learn about the models and tools available to perform AT evaluations.
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the cultural aspects of Assistive Technology.
  • Participants will develop an understanding of the ethical and legal standards related to the provision of AT services.
  • Participants will learn about federal, state, and local resources regarding AT.
  • Participants will learn about funding options and issues as well as how to successfully request funding from third party sources.
  • Participants will develop a more in depth understanding of four types of assistive technology devices and software via live demonstrations (see main course icon page for update on scheduled live online demonstrations).

Course Training Modules: [Click on title to enter module]

This course is designed as a guided independent study, meaning that the student can work on each of the following modules at their own pace.


At the end of each module, the student will be expected to complete an assignment. Due to the self guided nature of the course, assignments do not have specific due dates. Assignments are expected to be completed and submitted upon the completion of each module in the correct order.