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Board of Regents, State of Iowa

Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS)

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies program is a cooperative effort of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa Universities, allowing you to earn a Bachelor degree without attending traditional on-campus programs.

You can earn a BLS from Iowa State University, The University of Iowa, or University of Northern Iowa.

The BLS has no specific major; instead you'll choose three of the below five areas of study (Distribution Areas):

  • Humanities
  • Communications and Arts
  • Natural Science and Math
  • Social Sciences, and
  • Professional Fields

Within each of the three selected areas, you are required to complete 12 semester hours of course work; at least six semester hours must be upper-level course work.

To enter the program you must have an Associate of Arts, or 60-62 semester hours of transferable credit, depending upon the requirements of the institution.

It is possible to take courses at any of the three universities but at least 30-32 semester hours must be taken from the university that will grant the degree. In addition, each university has specific requirements and minimum GPAs.

For detailed information, please contact the institution from which you wish to receive a degree.

Iowa State University
The University of Iowa
University of Northern Iowa