“The Lakeside Laboratory shall afford to all interested, for once at least a chance to see the real world, nature alive, accomplishing her miracles in their own silent splendor, often needing not, for the student’s appreciation, the voice of interpreter or teacher …” Thomas H. Macbride, 1909, Founder, The Iowa Lakeside Lab


Iowa Lakeside Laboratory is a field station for Iowa's state universities. It has provided summer classes and research opportunities to college students since 1909. As a Regents Resource Center, Lakeside also offers programs in lifelong learning for the people of northwest Iowa. The Friends of Lakeside Lab, its non-profit partner, provides valued support.

Although education is Lakeside's primary function, it also serves as a nature preserve and historic district. The north part of campus is being restored to prairie, while other areas remain wooded. The Lab has 12 structures on the National Register of Historic Places, including five stone classrooms built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The grounds are open during daylight hours, and guests are welcome.