long term ecological reflections

Long Term Ecological Reflections


Iowa History

Wetland Sketches

1) The snail Oxyloma retusa. This land snail is never found far from water. 2) The zooplankter Daphnia pulex. 3) (sideways) Chorus Frog adults and tadpoles. 4) Metamorphosis in Northern Leopard Frogs. 5) The pond snail Lymnea stagnalis at the pond surface. 6) Cannibal morph Tiger Salamander. 6) American Toad.

Art in the Service of Science

Danette Pratt is a biological illustrator whose work has been published in the New York Times and featured by CNN. Twenty years ago, she visited Lakeside to illustrate Mike Lannoo’s book, Okoboji Wetlands. In 1996, Pratt exhibited this work at the Smithsonian Institution, in an exhibition dedicated to the long and fruitful history of scientific illustrations at the venerable institution. As she observes, “Basically, I am an artist … My life is full of art.”