Honors Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Four fellowships will be awarded

  • Three fellowships are for original research proposed by students and sponsored by a faculty member;
  • the fourth fellowship is for a directed study at Lakeside to address a specific question of interest determined by Lakeside staff.

Each fellowship comes with a stipend of $2,000, one month of free room and board at Lakeside, and up to $1,000 in supplies and equipment. Lakeside offers convenient accommodations with easy access to aquatic, wetland, and prairie habitats.

Graduate Research Fellowship

Lakeside is also offering one Graduate Research Fellowship with a stipend of $2,500, one month of free room and board at the lab, and up to $1500 in supplies and equipment.

Who is eligible to apply?

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students at all three state universities and at private Iowa colleges in the fields of biology, geology, environmental science, entomology, landscape ecology, and related fields who wish to conduct part or all of a research project at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory in the Okoboji region.

To apply:

Electronically submit the following information to lakesidelab@uiowa.edu

  1. Maximum of a two-page (undergraduate) or four-page (graduate) description of your research project, including a description of the portion of the project to be conducted at Iowa Lakeside Lab;
  2. A copy of your most recent transcript at your University or College; and
  3. A letter of reference from your faculty sponsor.